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Wild Coast Foods is a 100% black woman owned start-up company operating in the agro-processing and beverage manufacturing sector. The company is currently implementing plans to develop farms across a number of districts in the Eastern Cape to plant fruit and vegetables. Our company operates as an Agriculture Aggregator that works with smallholder farmers. We have a network of 750 farmers nationally who are at various stages of undergoing Local GAP certification training which is delivered by one of our technical partners.


Innovation in rural agriculture

To bring innovative farming systems to agricultural land across rural communities around South Africa.


Sustainable rural agriculture

To positively impact food security and poverty, through inclusion to sustainable value chains.


An inclusive South Africa

To advance economic inclusion, reduce inequalities and unemployment especially for women and the youth in agriculture, while making a positive and sustanable impact to the economy and environment.

Wild Coast Foods Facts & Figures


National Smallholder Farmer Network


Different variety of crops grown by Farmer Network


Partners that provide blended funding for our farmers


Number of provinces where farmers are located


  1. Access to Markets
  2. Agro-processing Facility
  3. Development Funding
  4. Smallholder Farmer Network
  5. Technical Expertise

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Tel: 011 590 5555
Email: info@wildcoastfoods.co.za
Address: 345 Rivonia Rd, Rivonia, Sandton, 2129

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